FUSION between SR ART films and West Harlem Art Fund



Savona Bailey of WHAF with Nora Armani

Harlem, NY… The West Harlem Art Fund and Friends are presenting “On the Edge of Fusion”for Armory Arts Week again from March 2nd through March 6th. This four day, pop-up digi salon with live art installations, takes place in Harlem at MIST located at 46 West 116th Street, New York, N.Y.

Curator-driven, this digital platform will allow participants to enjoy watching digital art,

and digitally-based films ONLINE from the comfort of their homes or LIVE at MIST where participants can talk and share their opinions with others.

“On the Edge of Fusion” will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and led by the Curator Savona. Curatorial partners also include the Socially Relevant Film Festival and Bloomingdale School of Music. This special Armory Arts Week program is recognized by the organization Light2015 for the International Year of Light. 





About SR Socially Relevant Films

This is the Official Blog of SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY. Socially Relevant Film content, human interest stories in film and on TV, good storytelling without the need of resorting to gratuitous violence, crime and excessive sensationalism, and without violent forms of moviemaking is what we believe in. We also, strongly believe that just as negative images and violence breed more violence, creativity, enlightenment and information create a better world for all concerned. Our mission is to become a platform that showcases this type of socially relevant film content.
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