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The Challat of Tunis

A man on a motorcycle known as The Challat terrorizes the women of Tunisia by slashing their bottoms with a razor. Ten years after these ‘incidents’ a young determined film director decides to investigate the mystery of the Challat of Tunis.

RAMALLAH Wall_Cinema PalestineCinema Palestine

Through intimate, in-depth interviews, the film explores the life and work of multiple generations of Palestinian filmmakers and media artists, questioning what it means to be a Palestinian artist in the context of the larger struggle for nationhood. The film is preceded by High Hopes, a short directed by the renowned Guy Davidi (director of 5 Broken Cameras) and featuring the soundtrack High Hopes donated by Pink Floyd.

We cannot go there now, my DearWe Cannot Go There Now, My Dear

The story of Palestinian refugees living in Syria and their lives that are continuously being rebuilt awaiting a return to the homeland ever since they were forced to flee Palestine in 1948. Director Carol Mansour is the winner of the 2014 SR Documentary Film Competition Award for her film Not Who We Are, and will be Skyped in for an interview conducted by Christa Salamandra, Professor of Anthropology and Syria specialist at Lehman College.


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This is the Official Blog of SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY. Socially Relevant Film content, human interest stories in film and on TV, good storytelling without the need of resorting to gratuitous violence, crime and excessive sensationalism, and without violent forms of moviemaking is what we believe in. We also, strongly believe that just as negative images and violence breed more violence, creativity, enlightenment and information create a better world for all concerned. Our mission is to become a platform that showcases this type of socially relevant film content.
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