QUESTIONS TO our team members

Lucie Tripon


Lucie Tripon

What is your role in the festival?

Well, I do a lot of things… so it is very hard to sum up, as there is always something different to do. In a single day, I might work on the movie and script selection, help with administrative work, manage the website, distribute flyers, and make small clips to promote the festival.

Why did you decide to get involved?

It sounded like a very fun and rewarding project to be involved in – and it turns out, I was right! I was there from the start, and it is amazing and very exciting to be involved and watch from inside as the festival grows. It has been a great journey, and we still have a long way to go.

What are the highlights of the festival for you?

The people you meet. We are an international festival, so by watching all of these films submitted from all over the world, we are learning so much and seeing so much. As we approach the festival, it is wonderful to meet those filmmakers who travel from all over the world to join us at the festival. I also love working with our terrific festival team.


About SR Socially Relevant Films

This is the Official Blog of SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY. Socially Relevant Film content, human interest stories in film and on TV, good storytelling without the need of resorting to gratuitous violence, crime and excessive sensationalism, and without violent forms of moviemaking is what we believe in. We also, strongly believe that just as negative images and violence breed more violence, creativity, enlightenment and information create a better world for all concerned. Our mission is to become a platform that showcases this type of socially relevant film content.
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