The Fourth Red logo Restaurant, the Festival Hub and headquarters from DAY-1 Y1! 

The Fourth Restaurant, has backed SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York since its inaugural edition in 2014. Thank You One Five Hospitality! Hosting the SR opening night launch party together with Fair Vodka, The Fourth is offering The Socially Relevant Winter Tonic!

Come taste this Socially Relevant Quinoa based Vodka drink offered week-long upon presentation of your movie ticket stubs. Ever tried Quinoa on the rocks (1)

Have great conversations around the films in the festival’s selection from 33 countries, and savour the delicious culinary delights prepared for you with love and caring by Chef Marco Moreira and Joann Makovitzky and with their European, American and Brazilian touches.

Drink SR!

Copenhagen ad (border)SR Festival and The Copenhagen pay tribute to Danish arts and culture in New York

At SR Film Festival, we are committed to offering a voice of hope to counteract violence and aggression.

The Copenhagen Restaurant in New York honors the Danish culture of anti-violence and freedom of expression as well as a love for the arts and…food. Beyond offering an authentic Danish culinary experience, the restaurant and its owner Sanne Ytting have managed to recreate a distinct Nordic atmosphere that SR Festival guests will be able to call “home” (or “hjem”) during the festival. Located right next to Tribeca Cinemas, The Copenhagen will host journalists and guests throughout the festival and has prepared many surprises, including a unique SR menu featuring dishes inspired by the festival’s films. Synergies go even further, as SR Festival will feature two compelling Danish movies, Mamma är Gud and Pearl.

CandyFactory Logo SmallCandy Factory Films brings us sugar-free, thought provoking movies

Behind its sweet name, Candy Factory Films is a forward-thinking production and distribution company dedicated to creating and releasing high impact films and fostering communities around independent cinema. Their “Destination: Planet Negro”, a witty satire about racial relations in the US, was a favorite of the SR Festival Selection Committee and will premiere on Saturday March 21 at Tribeca Cinemas.  Candy Factory’s CEO Jason Ward will also share his insights about shifting landscapes and supporting visionaries during SR’s Distribution Panel. He is also bringing the Festival’s First Look Award, which offers the winning filmmaker strategic advice and guidance to successfully promote and enhance the profile of his film.


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